Realms Unreel

★★★★★ Wonderful world, wonderful book

I loved this book! I read it in two days; I just couldn’t put it down! Auden’s descriptions of the worlds she creates are so vivid and mesmerizing and the characters so enigmatic and full. All in all, it’s a rich and luscious book. It is one of those books that leaves you in a haze after you finish it, still thinking and living in the world it brought you into … more »

★★★★★ Fun but profound

Realms Unreel is an ambitious work. Auden covers a profoundly wide range of themes from Buddhism, to internet censorship, to religious extremism, to soul mates, to Adam and Eve. And in only about 350 pages she does this with smooth storytelling and prose that make this book fun and bizarre while the plot builds up, then exciting and immersing when it begins to unravel … more »

★★★★★ beautiful and magical

Realms Unreel is a delightful blend of fantasy and near-future cyberpunk, with nicely realised characters and a very well-paced plot. The true highlight of the book, though, is the beautifully conceived vision of the evolution of the internet and virtual reality – well-trodden territory, to be sure, but Auden handles it with a confident, creative touch that makes the book a pleasure to read. Comparisons to “Snow Crash” are inevitable, but short of the mark … more »

About the book

Realms Unreel tells the story of a man who can’t die who must learn the secret of death from the woman he loves when she is reborn in the mortal world. It’s a rollicking cyberpunk adventure through worlds of futuristic technology, mythic fantasy, and (PG-13) romance.

You can read a short plot synopsis, preview the first chapters, and purchase Realms Unreel in Kindle or paperback format on Amazon.

I’m currently collaborating with the talented Ian Steplowski on an illustrated hardcover version of Realms Unreel. On January 16, 2012, we successfully raised the money needed for the up-front short-run printing costs of the hardcover through our Kickstarter project. Our 90-second project video is below, followed by our first update video. You can check out the progress of the illustration project on the project updates page.

Kickstarter pitch video

Kickstarter Update #1 video