Kickstarter Update #8: Refining our mix of 3D and 2D illustration elements

by AA on 2 October 2012

I’ve just posted our latest Kickstarter update showing some detailed images of the ZBrush work Ian has been creating for the illustrated version of Realms Unreel.

This first image, which you may recognize as Zeke’s samurai avatar, Prodigytal, demonstrates how we can take 3D-modeled character renders from ZBrush and push them through Photoshop to get an interesting, shadow-heavy look.

These next images show Dom’s model straight out of ZBrush with a simple shader attached. Dom was probably the trickiest character for us to design, since he has to be powerful, looming, and embodying a sort of Roman stonemason feel, but for all his strength he also must convey a certain vulnerability as well. He is, after all, a huge Eastern European man who shadows a little girl whom he believes to be a reincarnation of his beloved.

The biggest challenge for us now is boiling the storyboards down into 3D and 2D elements, and making sure we do the 3D parts in such a way that they convey depth and texture while being reasonably quick to create.


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