How I reached my first 5,000 readers

by AA on 10 March 2012

Some time in the last week, the five thousandth copy of Realms Unreel found its way into the hands of my five thousandth reader. Here’s a timeline of my readership growth.

November 2010 through October 2011 — 9 readers

Over the year I spent writing Realms Unreel, six beta readers and three freelance editors read the Realms Unreel manuscript.

November 2011 — 9 + 33 = 42 readers

I released Realms Unreel on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook stores in late November 2011. By the end of the month, 33 readers, all or most of whom were likely close friends and family members, purchased a copy of the ebook.

Final tally for November:

  • 30 Kindle purchases
  • 3 Barnes & Noble nook sales

December 2011 — 42 + 78 = 120 readers

In early December, I released the paperback version of Realms Unreel. In mid-December, I launched a Kickstarter project for Realms Unreel. In late December, I decided to make the ebook version of Realms Unreel available exclusively on Amazon to take advantages of the Amazon KDP Select program, which would enable me to run a free promo of the Kindle version of the book, as well as make my book available for borrowing by Amazon Prime members through the Kindle Owner Lenders Library (OLL).

Final tally for December:

  • 46 Kickstarter backers
  • 28 Kindle purchases
  • 3 paperback sales
  • 1 OLL borrow

January 2012 — 120 + 3,588 = 3,708 readers

In mid-January, I successfully reached and ultimately exceeded my $5,000 Kickstarter goal. On January 28th and 29th, I ran my first free promo of Realms Unreel on the Amazon Kindle store.

Final tally for January:

  • 3414 free Kindle downloads
  • 88 Kickstarter backers
  • 68 Kindle purchases
  • 14 OLL borrows
  • 4 paperback sales

February 2012 — 3,708 + 1,032 = 4,740 readers

In the aftermath of my free promo of Realms Unreel, I had a short bump in paid sales that tapered off after about five days. In mid-February, seeing my paid sales slowing significantly, I decided to run a second free promo, this time for just 24 hours. On February 23rd, I started my first Facebook ad campaign, which was a boon to both my paid sales and my Amazon sales rankings.

Final tally for February:

  • 604 Kindle purchases
  • 329 free Kindle downloads
  • 72 OLL borrows
  • 27 paperback sales

March 2012 — 4,740 + 558 = 5,298 readers … and counting

As of this morning (Saturday, March 10th), I’m continuing to run my Facebook ad campaign, and my reader tally for March is:

  • 409 Kindle purchases
  • 82 OLL borrows
  • 67 paperbacks sales

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Antriksh Yadav March 16, 2012 at 3:46 am

I was one of the readers during the free promo. Bonds Endure sits alongside The Avengers and the Avatar sequels among the things I am waiting most impatiently for.

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