Facebook ads for self-published book promotion

by AA on 10 March 2012

In terms of exposure, no self-promotion effort I’ve tried so far has even come close to the Facebook ad campaign. Here are the numbers.

Between February 23rd and March 10th …

2,750,762 unique Facebook users

saw one of my Realms Unreel ads

23,212 unique Facebook users

clicked on one of my Realms Unreel ads

530 readers

who arrived at the Realms Unreel Amazon listing page from a Facebook ad bought the book within 24 hours of clicking the ad

Another 412 readers

who may or may not have heard about Realms Unreel through a Facebook ad (my tracking links fall short in this regard) bought a copy of the book or borrowed a copy through the Kindle Owner Lenders Library.

Depending on how large a proportion of the 412 actually bought Realms Unreel directly or indirectly as a result of the Facebook ad campaign, my Amazon listing page converted between 2.28% and 4.06% of visitors to buyers.

Here are a few of the ad variants I tried:

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Randall March 27, 2012 at 2:32 pm

1) Holy crap, 2.7m impressions. 2) I’m actually here because I saw this on the Amazon homepage and it made me think of Realms Unreel: http://bit.ly/GTVD23 (linked to http://amzn.to/GTZcW1).

All part of Amz’s plot to cut out publishers, but still pretty cool they’re encouraging writers. I wasn’t even logged into Amazon at the time (and despite the other book by a Randall Farmer, I never published anything), so they must be showing the banner to random folks.

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