Thrilling to see my Amazon rankings this morning

by AA on 29 February 2012

When I was browsing my local bookstore last fall looking for inspiration for the cover design of Realms Unreel, Neal Stephenson’s latest book Reamde called out to me. The stark white on matte black really pops when it’s on a bookstore display. Not to mention that Neal Stephenson is one of my favorite authors. Not to mention that Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash was a major reason I became a lover of speculative fiction.

So it felt pretty amazing to see the Amazon rankings this morning. I’ve been on several Top 100 Bestselling lists for the last five days as I’ve been running a Facebook ad for Realms Unreel. The rankings change hourly, but as of this morning I was #24 in Bestselling Kindle Sci Fi Adventure, #42 in Bestselling Kindle Contemporary Fantasy, #54 in Bestselling Kindle Sci Fi …

And #79 in Bestselling Sci Fi Books. Right above Neal Stephenson’s Reamde.

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