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by AA on 2 February 2012

As a companion post to my Free promo weekend redux post, I wanted to note how incredibly kind and encouraging the reddit community is. Here are some of the nice things people said to me on my Realms Unreel free promotion posts in /r/kindle/r/writing, and /r/books:

I just finished it. WAS AWESOME. Far exceeded expecations. I felt like I was back in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, where I belong.

Wow. Just finished after reading pretty much non stop for a day. It was wonderful, so excited for the sequel and I’m gonna order the paperback because I’m sure it will look great on my book shelf!

You’ve got another… sale? Sorry I didn’t give you money for it… But I’ll be sure to read it! Thank you for this! <3

Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to Bonds Endure!

FYI, I finished the book the other day and immediately tried to buy the sequel Realms Unreel Episode 2: Bonds Endure.

“… whenever she left, whether for a season or a century …”

Nice … and in the first paragraph, too!

Congrats! I just had a copy sent to my kindle, I’ll be sure to post a review once I’ve finished reading.

Just finished reading the opening chapter and had to hop onto this thread to say it’s one of the most promising opening chapters I’ve read in a good while! Intriguing, beautifully written, and I already care a lot for Dom and Ava without knowing a ton about them. One thing I really respect is that their relationship seems more subtle and deeper than you often see in many (bad) fantasy romances. They have a long history of mutuality– reminds me of Sparrowhawk and Tenar.

I’m up to the chapter “One Year Later” now. I’m really loving your prose, and your wordplay is great! The whole world of the alternet is interesting, too. I think the only problem I’m having so far is that Emmie got through her entire childhood/teenage years without any conflict. Everything she’s ever tried has worked out, she’s never been in danger, and she’s never second-guessed herself, except for maybe half a sentence when she left Zeke behind. I’m hoping now that Zeke is back in her life some shit will hit the fan.

But I’m gonna stick with it! Dom’s story is still very interesting to me. Ironically, he’s the most human character so far. He actually suffers, and makes bad decisions. I like that about him. He reminds me a lot of me!

Nice, looking forward to reading this.

I also like the use of Artifex, does it carry any meaning in the text or did you just like it as a name?

Do another one when you have the sequel out, so people can be all, “Shut up and take my money!”

I just downloaded the book and I will put a review on Amazon as soon as I am done with it.

Really excited to read this. I’ll be getting a Kindle next month, might start reading it on the browser today though.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing more from you about this promotion and what kind of ranking it retains.

Congratulations! This is exciting, obviously for you, but for all of us – for those of us who are fascinated by the process, and for those of us in the community who just want to support each other, so well done! Keep going, make us proud!

You managed to catch me when I was most vulnerable; I came to r/books to find a good sci fi recommendation. Thanks for the download, I’ll be sure to post a review soon!

I wasn’t excited until I saw assassins in the blurb.

I am not a clever man.

I downloaded the book yesterday and finished it this afternoon. I must say, splendid book!

Just read the preview! Immediately downloaded it. I’m excited to pick up where the preview left off!

Many, many thanks for doing what you do best, OP. :)

Congrats writer. I snagged and normally would not read this type of book but the description was compelling and it’s free! Always impressed to think that someone can imagine it, write it,and set it free to be loved by the masses. :) I await more of your works.

Just downloaded it – Thanks! Looking forward to it. I will probably pick up a hard-copy as well; gotta to support the up-and-coming reddit authors. Would you entertain the idea of signing a copy for me?

Just got a Kindle and have been lurking this reddit for something that catches my eye to make me genuinely anticipate reading it. It also helps that I totally love reading indie authors! This seems like it was meant to be.

I’ll be sure to come back to review this.

Congratulations! I just grabbed it for my iPad and will be starting to read as soon as I’m finished with 1Q84. Seems like your novel will feel like a really natural follower to something by Murakami :)

I would love to buy a hard cover and be able to get it signed!! I really, really enjoy the front cover art work!

I’ll take a free book all day. Upvote for literatin’ people.

Well I’m late to this, so I missed the promo, but then I figured what the heck, so I paid for it. As a paying customer, I will definitely post a review after I read it.

thanks so much, already loving the book!

Just downloaded and began reading it, I like it so far! Very well written, I will probably buy this when the hardcover comes out!

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