NaNoWriMo Day 12: Animism

by AA on 12 November 2011

Having chosen to make my narrator the first-person collective of architectural elements and objects in an old house, I find myself inspired to work backwards into the history of the house to figure out how animistic spirits came to reside there. The source of those spirits is becoming an interesting storyline in itself.

The foundation stones of the house were once rooted in the earth on which the house stands, and those stones remember the history of the site long before the house or even the trees stood there. The house has a soul because the sugi cedar from which it was built had a soul. The cedars on the site of the house have a soul because they are fed from the waters of a mountain spring that comes from a sacred water source. The sacred well is a central symbol in Realms Unreel, so it’s sort of a touchstone I can use to connect the two stories, or at least a little suggestion that the magical realism in both stories is connected by some shared rules of magic.

I was worried that the novelty of my point of view decision would wear off quickly and leave me without any ideas, but I think it’s having the opposite effect. It’s such a different way of looking at the world that my brain keeps suggesting all sorts of interesting ideas to explain how this narrator would relate to the world.

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