NaNoWriMo Day 8: Fun with Puns

by AA on 8 November 2011

It’s fun to be glib. I’m spending today doing some scene editing and expansion, and I’m finding it irresistible to play with my inanimate object characters, even when it produces some pretty bad punning. For some reason, the faster I write, the more inclined I am to make fun of my story as it’s in progress.

Though these bits of the story are terribly first-drafty, I’m airing them on Protagonize for fun. No guarantees that I’ll put the whole NaNo novel up on Protagonize by the end of the month, but once I have the whole first draft in some reasonable approximation of readability, I may make it available here.

Word count today is 13,635. Still on track to hit 50,000 by November 30.

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