NaNoWriMo Day 7: Rapid-fire scene work

by AA on 7 November 2011

I fell behind on my NaNoWriMo writing this weekend. My grandfather died Wednesday after a long battle with cancer, and my husband and I traveled out to Texas to attend the funeral. In the midst of a lovely couple of days memorializing the patriarch of my fabulous (and enormous) extended family, there wasn’t much time to write except on the airplane out on Friday and back again last night. However, I got to work early this morning and caught up on my word quota.

I focused today on fleshing out the plot. I did this by writing as many different scenes as I could in rapid-fire succession. To make this easy and maximize output, my rules for rapid-fire scene writing today were:

  • Forward movement only: I have a known starting point and an ending point (which I’m allowing to evolve as the days pass and the story gets clearer), and every scene I drafted today needed to be obviously required to advance my characters from that starting point to that ending point.
  • No length minimum: For scenes that met the above criterion, I just wrote everything that came to mind as necessary. As soon as I had to stop for more than a minute to think, I just moved on to the next scene.
  • No particular order: I didn’t waste time on timing. I can reshuffle the timeline as needed. Scrivener makes this fantastically easy.

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